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An airport IP, this time in Shanghai. I'm about to leave the country for Japan, and I've just said my last farewell to the great folks at Show Shanghai. Once again it's been an amazing ride in the city of contradictions

I've done my share of eating, of which I'm not sure how much was healthy stuff but I certainly enjoyed it. I've done my share of.... [read more]

18th May 2014

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Browsing inside China is a breeze.. also some Hongkongese and Taiwanese websites work like a charm. Which actually is a much preferred method to host websites to avoid the complicated Chinese web hosting regulations. I managed to book online tickets to the Beijing Acrobatic Show which shows the advancement in Chinese web design. Or perhaps it’s a foreign run website.. either way I haven’t been very happy with... [read more]

29th January 2014

My IP:

The host of this IP is the famous Orange provider in France. Specifically located in the city of Nice which is known for it’s warmth and posh lifestyle. Internet is pretty expensive here, especially if you want it to be fast and up to modern standards. So to no surprise... [read more]

24th January 2014